Tapped Out Donut Hack

How does it work? It’s simple! Download the donut hack for Android HERE or for IOS HERE – After you have downloaded, extract the file, install on to your device, and plant a tree to activate. You can now play with unlimited donuts, money, and tickets. For more information plus full installation instructions, read the install.txt file included in your download.

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Game

The Simpsons: Tapped Out is a City building game created in early 2012. It features characters from the hit TV show The Simpsons and starts out with Homer Simpson at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Homer is playing a game on his mypad with his feet up and ranting about having to wait after completing a task in his game. Oblivious, completely unaware of his surroundings, suddenly he does something to cause a meltdown, changing Springfield as we know it forever. At this point you’re back in Springfield and everything is gone. Including; the roads, houses, people, and everything else. It’s just Homer in a field of nothing but garbage. Your job is to help Homer rebuild Springfield by completing tasks within the game. As you complete the tasks, you will slowly unlock new items, and characters into your Springfield bringing things back to normal. The game was originally designed for Android and IOS devices. However, can be played on the computer with BlueStacks emulator. WARNING! This is game is EXTREMELY fun.

Tapped Out Hack Features

The Simpsons Tapped Out donut hack features include unlimited money, donuts, and tickets. In addition you can also level up with ease, and purchase all the premium items. To use simply do anything that costs money to activate the hack. e.g. Plant a tree… After you have done this you will notice your money, and donuts have been updated to 999,999. To get your Krustyland tickets, all you do is purchase a laffy meal in-game. Have fun, and enjoy! You can download the Android version HERE or for IOS HERE You can always find the latest version here Simpsons Tapped Out donut hack on Facebook. In the case that this one isn’t up to date.

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